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PAYOUT also known as money SETTELMENT or PAYOUT is a process of the SETTELMENT of the money in your account.

We have launched Instant Domestic PAYOUT (DMT) services. DMT brings you the convenience of transferring money from your place of residence to any Bank account across the country. sijipe, The money transfer service is available at our all retailers' mobile apps and on website. It enables walk -in customers even without a bank account from place of transfer, to transfer funds to any bank account anywhere in India.

There are various online payment options available these days that allow you to send and receive money, however sending money becomes difficult for a non-tech savvy person. They go to the bank branch, fill the form and wait for their turn to send the money to their family and loved ones, thereby wasting time.

We provide a convenient and hassle free way of sending money through our online money transfer services which are easily available from your nearest Granpay agent as per your convenience.

Our platform empowers its agents to provide instant 24/7 SETTELMENT service through the customer's bank account. Our money transfer service is highly secure, easy and quick so you can send money to any bank across India. Our payment platform provides you an efficient gateway for SETTELMENT across India without having to wait for weeks to receive your funds through IMPS technology.

Features of sijipe PAYOUT Service

Safe, easy and instant money transfer to any bank in India

Transfer money to your loved ones anytime, even during bank holidays.

There is no need to go to the bank, fill forms or maintain an account with the same bank to transfer money.

To send money only the recipient's account number, phone number (OTP) is required.

You get confirmation via SMS as soon as the money is transferred.

Easily send money to any bank account across India.

The money can be transferred to any Bank Account 24x7 by customers who do not have a Bank Account of their own.

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